I am an Undead Rogue. Putting my time to create this content will hopefully fulfill the experience and entertainment of Deviate Delight community. My mission is to have a conversation with players from both factions across the realm. Deviate Delight is a low to medium population, however, it's filled with unique members and interesting Guilds. My community will have the chance to  share their top tier stories, or just talK about anything they want. This is not an in depth research or news podcast. I simply just want to have a fun conversation, but I will not stop anyone from bringing up news or any heavy topic that gets brought up.

Part of my show is to share my music and artists across Azeroth from Teldrassil  to Tanaris, from Stranglehorn Vale to Tiristal Glades. As a musician, I understand the struggle, and I will help those who are trying to find a gig and make a living, especially to those who travel often. We have lost so many musicians out there from World PVP and I will be sharing their music and stories. 

Please give me a chance to show you what players, guilds, musicians are like in my community. For the Horde! and enjoy listening.